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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Roaming Aroun' Rotterdam Town

Rotterdam personified is a person who knows who he is, knows what he wants and doesn't give a flying fucoka (pronounced Fuck-oke-ah) what anyone else thinks - for this reason alone, I have found my soulmate hahaha!

Paul McCarthy's Santa holding a butt plug LOL!

This incredible city offers a glimpse of the past, a moment in the present and fast forward dash into the future… all at the same damn time! Architecturally its juxtaposed, culturally its diverse, artistically its prolific - I just couldn't get enough.

Here are my top things to EAT, DO and SEE in Rotterdam:


If you are a Sushi lover you MUST head over to Restaurant Shiki Sushi and Lounge in the Prins Alexander area of Rotterdam. Now this is a little far out from the city centre but believe me it is so WORTH IT! I honestly had the best sushi and cocktails of life! Not to mention the decor - THE DECOR!!! Its straight gorgie, beautiful paintings and skilfully set mood lighting which changes to fit the vibe of the crowd each night.

I was invited by the lovely Co-Founder of Shiki, Yu, to attended a sushi and cocktail pairing tasting hosted by Critsized (<< these guys are so cool! You must check out their suits they are AMAZINGGGGGGGG!!) The night was organised to give some of their handpicked customers an evening of luxurious lifestyle and they did not disappoint.

The combination of Shiki on the Sushi, Concrete Shakers on the Cocktails and Critisized on the guestlist made the night perfection. I could tell they each had the shared value of being the best they can be within their lane, very, very inspiring! The sushi was INCREDIBLE, honestly, legit the best i have ever tasted and the cocktails were barbarically good. Both pushed the boudaries and put a forward thinking, modernist twist on what you would perceive to be "the way sushi/cocktails should be made". It was a wonderful night spent meeting great people with great conversation!

Big shout out to Yu, Daryl & Edward, Orgeon (<< the coolest, youngest college professor I've EVER met) and the rest of the crew for making me feel so welcome & allowing me to take part in this incredible experience (sorry its taken me 87 years to write my post loool!).

I'll definitely be taking mumsie here in August :D

I also had my first experience eating Surinamese food which is super popular in Rotterdam owing to an extremely large Surinamese community.

Suriname is in South America in case you weren't aware ( I HAD NO CLUE BEFORE LAST YEAR **covers face**)
We went to a really cute spot called Warung Mini on Witte de Withstraat - it has a diner feel to it and is the perfect place to pick up a snack after shaking a leg as its open to 6am on Vrijdag (Friday) and Zaterdag (Saturday) - speaking that dutch like a pro lol!!!! The food was delicious and gave me the Caribbean fix i'm always yearning for when traveling. I had the BakkelJauw (similar to saltfish) and Cassava chips which were insanely good!!!

Suriname is now top on my list of places to visit because of all the lovely people I met :)

Do stay at a super cool hotel! Rotterdam is full of art, cool architecture and design so you can probably imagine the hotels do not let you down aesthetically.

I stayed at the Ibis Hotel which was a GREAT location in the city centre with beautiful views as it is situated on the docks. Here are a few snappy snaps.

Views :)

Best Riesling EVER from the lobby bar

My other FAVE hotels i got to check out are:

The Mainport Hotel - I wanted to stay here so bad but unfortunately because of the way my bank account was set up - this was not an option -_-.
It's super chic with a popping bar downstairs. They also hold some really cool events (i'll go into that more a little further down my long ass post (this was actually supposed to be a short post - I don't understand why I have to write so many words - I don't even feel like i'm really saying anything significant lol)

Citizen M - Arghhhhhh this place gave me LIFEEEE!!! The decor was insaneeeeeely gorge and the book collection there had me hyperventilating, I love me some books!

Stayokay Cube Hostel -This budget friendly spot is soooo cool! Love the architecture!

Do check out what events are happening throughout the year in Rotterdam as there is always soooo much going on, there is Carnival in the summer, the huge North Sea Jazz Festival, the Crazy Sexy Cool Festival, concerts and fashion shows.

And speaking of  Fashion Shows, thanks to lovely Lous (the Marketing & Communications Executive at the Mainport Hotel) i got an exclusive front row seat at an incredible fashion show hosted there by Rendez Vous.

Here are some snaps from the show :)

 My fave collection was AFRIEK - loved the prints and the tailoring!

Here I met the powerhouse Amanda who was soooo sweet and invited me to her friend Jeanette's Arabic themed 25th birthday party at Eau Lounge which she did the event planning for. She put on an incredible party, there was free henna tattoos, a photo booth, gold thrones, an open bar and the sickest Dj EVER DJ Kimberlee Ramirez spinning some serious jams!!


I met another sweetheart there called Stev who runs her own hair line Dellish Hair - you must check her site out!!!!! I loved Stev straight away purely from this first exchange:

Stev: "Where are you from?"
Me: "Jamaica"
Stev: "Reallyyyy????!! But your so pretty"
Me: **Shocked face**
Stev: "Oh no, I didn't mean it like that - its just when I see the Vybz Cartel videos, those girls do not look good"


Anyhoo back to shaking a leg venues-  I heard Club Blu, Club Vie and  BIRD are great spots. Noah is an incredible lil cocktail bar with a great vibe, great crowd, great drinks and great music! I was on my own **cue violins** and as much as i'm all for the solo traveler confidence I thought raving alone was that stepppppp to far. Next time, next time.

Rotterdam is best explored by foot so you don't miss any gems. Here are some pics of buildings/architecture I took just wondering around town:

Markthaal - Top on your list to see should be the iconic Markthaal. This building is SOOOOO COOOOL and houses some tasty food and wine spots, shops, candy stores and is also a block of apartments lol! Architecturally it is astounding!

Swan Market- For some unique steals check out the Swan Market! So much goodies to be bought!

Groos - is a really hip concept store with a mix of fashion, art, music, literature, film and lifestyle products. Definitely worth a visit. I cant lie the area its in looks a lilllll suspect but i'm sure its safe - I mean, i'm alive :)

Scumbag Barbers - Conceptual this old-school men only barbers is GENIUS. Ladies jsut stop by to have a peak through the window!

Contemporary Art @ Witte de Withstraat  - This street literally has it all! Spend a day visiting museums, exhibitions, eating and drinking there!

There are also many beautiful parks and Museums  just took wayyyy too long to write this so my brain be failing me. I'll be sure to update from my next visit :) ROLL ON CARNIVALLLLLL!!!


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  1. Hmmmm it's not as dope as dopeful Amsterdam :P, but have to admit Rotterdam got some interesting stuff goin'on.
    Cool photos and awesome tips. Might have a little trip to Rotterdam soon.



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